Tentative program

Seoul, Beijing, Shenzhen & Hong Kong

The program starts Gangnam style in the area by the same name in Seoul with visits to hubs like Maru180 to demo and pitch. Naturally Samsung is on the VR-screen in Korea. We will then tune into why K-pop is relevant and also learn why Kakao is still the talk in town. Over in #Beiarea and the booming VR-industry in China, we will meet the biggest distribution platform and get advice on culturalization requirements mixed with hustles and opportunities. Pitching opportunities will be plenty during the tour (to VCs, partners …) and networking with the future TMDs too (if you just learnt the term BAT, you’re already behind!). Down in Shenzhen it is time for arcade competitions and to touch the latest trends with Vive and Co. Last but not least we will head over to Hong Kong to network, match-make and closed deals at Metta. From here it’s all about keeping it real…

Arrival in Seoul, South Korea


Easter weekend: 13 – 16 April, 2017 (optional*)

Participants could spend their Easter weekend in Seoul. If you are lucky this will be exactly the week that the cherry blossoms. Seoul has a population of over 25.4 million people. It’s absolutely ginormous and the third largest metropolitan area in the world, behind only Tokyo and Jakarta. In just 50 years Seoul has grown to one of the world’s most modern and vibrant megacities and one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia. 

Monday 17 April, 2017 – Seoul

The program starts Gangnam style in the area by the same name in Seoul, with a visit Maru180 amongst others and pitch to the investors in town. Naturally Samsung is on the VR-screen in Korea. Tune into why K-pop relevant and learn why Kakao is still the talk in town.

Fly to Beijing, China

Tuesday 18 April, 2017 – Beijing

Check out from hotel. Early flight down to Beijing where we will start off in to THE #beiarea to be updated about where the future lies! We land at co-working place for an inspirational lunch with speakers from tech media who will share their entrepreneurial stories to learn and be inspired of. Then a visit to 87870, which is the No.1 VR platform for both news and products to dig deeper and find out more about launching in China. Evening meetup to explore more what makes the heart and minds of Chinese millennials tick.

Wednesday 19 April, 2017 – Beijing

Nordic networking breakfast with speakers from our own embassies, trade associations and other local supporting teams. Then on to BAIDUs newly opened AR-lab to envision what the google of China is searching for. Thereafter different tracks to suit the agenda of the visit in China with optional pitching and matchmaking activities. Before we’re too tired we leave with an early evening flight to wake up in the Silicon Valley of hardware, Shenzhen, the new innovation engine of China. Late arrival and checkin to hotel.

Fly to Shenzhen, China

Thursday 20 April, 2017 – Shenzhen

China is quite successfully leading the business model for VR-arcades, therefore a visit and intro to HTC’s VIVE café in Shenzhen is a must during the tour. In the afternoon companies can choose different tracks and visit either mobile firms, studios, DJI (drones), IOT-accelerators or simply the largest electronics market in the world Huaqiangbei! Later on we will host a joint VR-event with the local StartupGrind community and Chinapreneurs to share knowledge/demo and network with local entrepreneurs and investors.

Cross-border bus to Hong Kong

Friday 21 April, 2017 – Hong Kong

We leave early with a cross border bus from Shenzhen. Check in at desired hotel at noon. After a must have Dim Sum lunch, we visit Facebook to learn more about WeChat-ification and their Asia plans. In a late afternoon and extended evening event participants will then showcase, meet and mingle with the movers and shakers in town at METTA, to sign the final (licensing-, VC-…) deals before rooftop drinks and farewells!

Saturday & Sunday 22 – 23 April, 2017 – Hong Kong (optional*) 

Hong Kong is the mecca of Fun so stay over the weekend for additional meetings, sightseeing, shopping & partying!

*Depending on arrival and departure dates, participants may want to stay longer.